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Djembejam can provide drumming workshops for all ages, either as a one off experience for the children or as a regular group running during term time.

Regular groups are great because the children get a chance to develop their skills, which can often lead on to performances in assembly, at school concerts or in the local community.


Drumming is probably one of the most accessible forms of music making with instruments. A drumming workshop can have a wide range of people taking part, all working together, listening, making music and having fun. The sound is very powerful and great to be a part of. A great way for young people to build confidence and work well together.


Music is recognised as a language for some, who may find other forms of communication difficult. Drumming is extremely accessible and can act as a voice, helping to learn and develop important skills. The ‘good’ feeling we have after playing together in a group raises self-esteem which makes us more open to learning and communicating. This can help create an upward spiral of positivity.

Djembejam workshops can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

      Drumming has huge        benefits for learning,        including:

Djembejam also offers drumming workshops for adults, so if your school  or Youth Club is looking for a fun, creative team building workshop to get the teachers or youth workers buzzing, please get in touch!